The Pink Star diamond displayed in a jewelry box, reflecting its prestigious status and extraordinary journey from mine to auction.

The Pink Star is not any ordinary gem. The most expensive gemstone to be ever auctioned, it comes with a hefty price tag of USD 71.2 million and also has this prestige title attached to it. This flawless pink diamond weighs a massive 59.60 carats, and is a rare find that is every collector’s dream to hold in their hands.

The Pink Star had an extraordinary journey to the auction block. The stone was mined at De Beers in Africa and took countless years to cut and polish before it finally arrived in this incredible state. This rarely seen in diamonds, its very own vibrant pink colour has become ever more significant with a gritty effect.

Bidders from around the world descended on Hong Kong, eager to swoop on this incredibly gem, trading hands at record breaking sale. The final price was more than double the $60 million high estimate and surpassed all auction results for diamonds or colored stones, making udintogel The Pink Star an indelible icon in the gemstone world. In its insurmountable beauty and exceptional price tag, The Pink Star truly represents the eternal charm and worth of precious gemstones. The history of this little car is proof that beauty has no limits, except in it’s cost.

The Pink Star diamond being auctioned, surrounded by eager bidders, emphasizing its status as the most expensive gemstone ever sold.

Pink Star Creation and Journey

With a storied past, the Pink Star is enveloped in intrigue. It begins its journey from thousands of miles down within the Earth, when it was forged billions of years ago through unimaginable pressure and heat. A great example is this extraordinary gemstone set by De Beers, a world-known diamond mining group, discovered in the African mines.

Once found, the careful process of cutting and polishing began to make its stylistic way to unparalleled beauty. It had been cut over the years by master craftsman who studied its every facet, created meticulously to help bring out its particular pink shade. It was through this painstaking process, that the Pink Star became the stunning jewel it is today.
Pink Star.

Properties and Uncommonness

The Pink Star is exceptionally unique and extremely rare compared to other jewels. The impressive 59.60 carat rock size of the diamond right away captures interest. With a flawless grade and shockingly bold pink color, it is one of the most elusive finds in diamonds.

Pink diamonds are among the rarest of gemstones. In fact, pink diamonds are so rare that only less than 0.1% of all the diamonds discovered in the world satisfy requirements needed to be considered as a separate unique color and get classified as pink diamond The Pink Star is so vivid and saturated that it also belongs to a rarefied group of stones known as Fancy Vivid pink diamonds.

The Pink Star which damn well broke auction records

The auction of the Pink Star is likely to have been one of the most-watched sales in years. Pictured in Hong Kong on April 4, 2017, bidders await the opportunity to stake a claim on this exceptional gem. Bidders caught fire, sending the price through previous auction records.

After a tense bidding process the hammer went down and the Pink Star sold for an incredible $71.2 million, smashing its estimate to become the most expensive gemstone ever to sell at auction. Purchased by Hong Kong jewelry retailer Chow Tai Fook, this rare gem now belongs at one of the most prestigious merchant house.

Close-up view of The Pink Star diamond, highlighting its intricate cut and the brilliance of its vivid pink hue.

Buyer and Importance of Purchase

The Pink Star was sold to Chow Tai Fook, a BIG name in the jewelry world. Their purchase of the Pink Star helped to affirm its importance, given their longstanding reputation for excellence and their passion for outstanding gems. The acquisition underscored their dedication to collect and protect the earth’s most unique gemstones.

The sale of The Pink Star to Chow Tai Fook underscored the increasingly high value that collectors and investors are placing on these rare, valuable stones. Large investments such as this only continue to beef up the gemstone market, appreciating and benefiting all who own valuable works.

Further Highlights of Auction Record Gemstone Prices

Although the Pink Star is now the most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction, it’s not alone in being a unique and valuable rock! These include:

Blue Moon Diamond (12.03 carats) makes the list as the large vivid blue argyle ever sold at auction, fetching a staggering $48.4 million in 2015
The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond –Worth 14.62 carats The shocking blue jewel sold for $57.5 million and turned into one of the generally costly pearls whenever offered at sell-off.
The Graff Pink Diamond: $46.2 million This 24.78-carat pink diamond is the most expensive of its kind after fetching auction for a record-breaking price tage
These rare and precious gemstones all have this capacity to grip the imagination and attract exorbitant prices, much like the Pink Star.

Investment Purposive and the Value of Gemstones

While gemstones are we known for their beauty, they have great investment potential too. The world record sale of the Pink Star is a testament to the growing awareness amongst our clients that investment in gem stones, which are increasing rapidly in value, is an exciting area.

While gemstone values can and do fluctuate, rare stones with exceptional characteristics — such as the Pink Star diamond — have time & again proven their worth by appreciating in value overtime. Their rarity and collectors / investors supply make them ideal candidates for long-term investment opportunities.

Buying gemstones is a great investment but should only be done after lots of consideration and advice from experts. Rareness, how good it is and how the market perceives every gemstone acts as a significant determinant in defining the value of a certain gemmanetary Princess Cut Diamond Ashfield. However, like any investment you will want to spend lots of time researching and possibly get some professional advisement before leaping into the world of gemstone investing.

How To Care For Your Pink Star

Correct preservation is essential in order to remain as bright, firey and stunning as the day it was first polished from its 132.5 carat rough diamond; The Pink Star electrochemically treated vivid pink internally flawless stone during June of that year. It is a fragile stone that needs to be taken care of very delicately and continuously. Some advice to keep the Pink Star like new:
Do not expose the diamond to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Pink Star should be kept safe in a soft pouch or a jewellery box to prevent it from getting scratched or knocked.
Wash the diamond with mild soap and warm water, rubbing it gently with your fingers once or twice a week and drying it off using a soft chiffon.With these few care tips the Pink Star will shine and sparkle for many generations to come.

The Pink Star diamond, a flawless 59.60-carat pink gemstone, set against a black background, showcasing its vibrant color and exceptional clarity.

Effects of The Pink Star on the Gemstone Business

The sale of the Pink Star not only broke a new record for gemstone prices, but also defied to have wider implications on how gems are valued in general. The record price achieved underscored the increasing demand among buyers for rarer and unique gemstones, pushing up their value as well providing them with new potentials for collectors.

The Pink Star is a mesmerizing stone that traveled and has been adored by gem lovers the world around. It is a tale that reminds us of the fact that gemstones are more than just gems, they represent beauty and rarity, both pairs always standing firm with timeless elegance.


This status as the most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction is illustration of The Pink Star’s incomparable beauty and rarity. It’s naturally intense, vivid pink color is unmatched; its clarity and huge size are also extraordinary.

So we gape with our collective jaws agape at the longstanding allure and perennial market price of rare gemstones ever as they make the long and tortuous journey from deep within Mother Earth, finally to be laid out on auction for billions. The Pink Star represents the most vivid of red diamonds, and serves as a reminder of how much people love these rare gemstones. If you like reading this article, please consider reading our article about UAE.